Feb 23


Posted by gowenstevensadmin on Thursday 23rd February 2017

In a move intended to facilitate access to justice, the Ministry of Justice has launched a new website of Employment Tribunal decisions, where first instance decisions are available for public viewing. Cases can be searched by date, name, judge or jurisdiction code, and the service is free. All future decisions will be uploaded to this website, with some decisions also available from 2016.

Previously, anyone wishing to search Employment Tribunal decisions in England and Wales was required to attend in person the Tribunal Office in Bury St Edmunds. Scottish decisions were available at the Glasgow Tribunal Office. This service will remain available for pre-2017 decisions which are not available online.

The website for employment tribunal decisions can be accessed here: gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions.

While easy access to decisions has clear benefits for access to justice, there are potential negative consequences for employers. For example, if an employer loses at Tribunal, a publicly available decision may result in bad publicity for the business. In addition, online access allows disgruntled employees to search for decisions relating to their employers, in order to identify weaknesses in the business and to support their own legal claims. Such unwanted exposure may lead to more employers seeking settlement of Tribunal claims.

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