Jan 20

News from the Front Line - D-Day?

Posted by gowenstevensadmin on Wednesday 20th January 2016

I was hardly surprised to read once again in the press as the New Year approached that January was going to see an increase in divorce enquiries. I was even less surprised to see that the reports which made mention of this news included quotes from interested parties such as a firm of nationwide solicitors. The reports often refer to their own independent research which appeared to be in one example a poll of their own clients. Viewed cynically it appears that these reports are self-serving PR for the law firm quoted in the piece.

Is there any truth to the commonly held belief that divorce enquiries increase in January? Experience suggests that divorce enquiries are spread throughout the year and are usually the result of long held feelings of discontent or uncertainty. January is a period of calm reflection after an expensive December and people are more reluctant to approach a solicitor unless it is justified because of really unpleasant or abusive behaviour which simply cannot be tolerated any longer. This reluctance is reinforced by the belief that legal costs will be unmanageable.

I can refer to statistics but they do not help when considering how best to assist a person who may be in a difficult place emotionally. I do tend to receive a lot of enquiries from people in January but then, in the world of family law, there is no telling when a person will decide that they cannot put up with a situation any more. When that time comes, that person will need a solicitor who is able to provide the information and advice needed to make the process and procedure as straightforward and stress free as possible.

Aaron O’Malley

Head of Family Law Team, Gowen and Stevens

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