"I wanted to thank you for the care and attention and indeed your patience in dealing with this transaction on my behalf. It has been a difficult process, particularly dealing with the unrealistic demands of the purchaser’s solicitor, but you achieved the very tight deadlines required despite this. I really appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness which positively helped bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others and hope to work with you again in the future."


Getting in touch

Getting in touch with Gowen & Stevens couldn’t be simpler; you can pick up the telephone and call the number at the top of the page; or you can drop us an e-mail or you can write us a letter. Whatever way you find the easiest we can accommodate it.

When thinking about getting in touch with us it would be helpful if you could get together any relevant information that you think will be useful. This is particularly important when speaking to us on the telephone.



Initial meeting

The easiest way to progress any matter of a legal nature is by a face to face meeting. That way both you and we can get a clear understanding of the issues involved in the shortest time, putting us in the best position to give you timely and cost effective advice.

Any initial meeting will be at nominal cost and will enable us to prepare a formal response to your concerns, setting out how we propose to help you. It would help us if you can make sure that you bring some form of ID (generally a driving licence or passport and a utility bill) to this meeting so that we can comply with the anti-money laundering regulations and sign you up as a client at the earliest opportunity.



Engagement letter

Once we’ve met and had a chance to understand your concerns we will write to you setting out our thoughts as to how we can help you.

We do this in an engagement letter which is a formal document that sets out our understanding of your concerns and how we can address them and give you the solution you seek. In addition to explaining how we will help you this letter also sets out our terms of business and how much we estimate that the work will cost.



Carrying out our legal work

As soon as you return our engagement letter together with your signed acceptance of our terms of business we can begin our legal work. It is usual for you to pay a proportion of the estimated cost of the work in advance as evidence of good faith.

This money will then be held in our client account and remains your property until you advise us that you are happy to settle our fees for the work we have done. We shall proceed in accordance with our engagement letter and this will probably involve additional meetings and/or telephone calls to outline our progress in solving your problems. Regular progress reports are an integral part of our methodology. We shall also always keep you up to date on any cost implications of any extra work required that may not have been foreseen in our original engagement letter.



Final advice

Any legal advice we give you as a result of the work we undertake on your behalf will be unique and specific to your requirements, as identified in our engagement letter.

Generally our advice will initially be delivered verbally by the lawyer you engage, but this will always be followed up by a written document or letter confirming our advice and providing you with a ready reference of the advice we have given. But once given, that advice does not mean that there is no opportunity to continue to consult us on this or other matters. We are always ready to listen to you and help you resolve any concerns or problems you may have.