Dispute Resolution (Litigation)

It is a sad fact of life that at some stage in their lives, most people will have some type of dispute with another person or a company.

If you have a dispute with someone, we can help. We have a wide range of experience in disputes relating to both businesses and private individuals.

For businesses, we can help you with matters such as contractual disputes, partnership disputes, debt recovery and commercial property rent arrears recovery.

For individuals, we can help with issues such as property disputes, contractual disputes and money claims.

Our aim is to help you resolve any dispute as quickly as possible at the minimum cost.
We understand that for most people, legal jargon is not what they want to hear at such a stressful time.

We provide clear, honest advice in plain English so that you can easily understand the options available to you before you reach a decision.

This will help you to reach the right decision for you, in the particular situation that you are facing, and help keep the stress levels to a minimum.


Property Possession Claims

Whether you are a landlord with one property or dozens of properties, we have the specialist expertise to help.

Property Disputes

We can help with disputes over boundaries, ownership, and intereset in someone else’s property.

Contractual Disputes

Most people believe that a contract needs to be in writing and must be signed before it can be binding. However, the courts take a different view.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if you have a dispute, we can help you. We will look at your lease or your tenancy agreement and advise you as to what the rights of the landlord and the tenant are in relation to the disputed points.

Money Claims

You may have lent money to a friend or a family member. If they have not repaid you the amount of the loan, then we can advise you as to the options available to recover the money.

Disputes Over Inheritance (Contentious Probate)

If a loved one has died and you were expecting a gift in their Will which didn’t materialise, we can advise and, if necessary, assist you with a potential claim from their estate. Or, If you are the beneficiary of an estate but someone is claiming they should be given a gift from the Will, we can help you defend a potential claim from your inheritance.
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