Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if you have a dispute, we can help you.

For a landlord, it may be that you have a tenant who is causing nuisance to neighbours or other people in the area by playing loud music, or by trying to operate a business from residential premises.

For a tenant, it may be that the landlord is being very restrictive and preventing you from using the property in a reasonable way.

We will look at your lease or your tenancy agreement and advise you as to what the rights of the landlord and the tenant are in relation to the disputed points.

Even with the best drafted leases, there can sometimes be disputes between the landlord and tenant as to what they are each required to do under the terms of the lease.

There can also be disputes about the payment of service charge or the amount of service charge and the amount payable for the buildings insurance contribution.

There can also be disputes about the state of repair and condition of a building. If there is damage to a door frame or window frame, does this have to be repaired by the tenant or the landlord? The answer normally depends on the exact terms of the lease.

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