Property Disputes

The law relating to property in this country is based on some rather ancient law and customs. Sometimes this can lead to disputes between neighbours. For example, boundary disputes as to the exact location of the boundary between two properties.

In these types of disputes, our experience is that it is best to have a specialist surveyor with expertise of boundary disputes carry out a site inspection and then prepare an initial report as to what the surveyor finds from the Land Registry plans and any other deeds that can be found.

We can also help with arguments about the ownership of a property. Often this is when friends or family members buy a property in their joint names. Unfortunately, if the amount of each person’s share in the property has not been set out in a Declaration of Trust at the beginning, then problems can arise.

We can advise and assist in releasing your interest if you own a property jointly with someone else or a family member.

We can also help if you think you have an interest in someone else’s property if you live with them, even if you are not an owner.

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