Finances on Divorce

“How will the divorce affect me financially?”

The future of your house, your money and your pension are often difficult to predict. Whilst there are certain legal guidelines, everyone’s circumstances are different. Ultimately, there is no substitute for the advice of an experienced family law expert when it comes to dealing with this aspect of a relationship breakdown.

Our experts are members of Resolution, which means that they follow a Code of Practice that encourages agreement by way of a non-confrontational approach. Often this can be achieved by way of negotiation. Alternatively, independent mediators can assist you in reaching a resolution. Sometimes circumstances dictate that an application to the court is necessary.

In considering how to proceed, we will invest time in understanding your unique personal circumstances so that we can explore the best strategy to find a solution that suits you. We will support you throughout the process, providing clear and concise advice, enabling you to make the right choices.

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