We are on the panel of lawyers for most mortgage providers. This means that we can act on your behalf if you decide to change your mortgage from one bank, building society or other lending institution to another. There can be a number of reasons why you would wish to remortgage your property and amongst those could be for a better interest rate or different term. It is always wise to check with your existing mortgage provider as to whether there are any penalties attached to your existing mortgage.

Once your application to the mortgage provider has been completed, they will issue a mortgage offer to you and instruct us usually at the same time. It is our job to ensure that all the conditions of the mortgage have been met and, as part of our service, we will carry out various tasks on behalf of the provider. These tasks will include checking the title of your property and in some instances carrying out various searches.

We will repay your existing mortgage on completion and apply for the funds from the new mortgage provider and then account to you for any balance of funds. Once completion has taken place, we will arrange for the new mortgage to be registered at the Land Registry and provide you with a copy of the completed entry.

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