Buying and Selling a Commercial Property

Our commercial property department has wide experience of buying and selling all types of commercial property. Our experience extends from offices, shops, factory and warehouse premises to property such as public houses, care homes, hotels and filling stations.

Often, a commercial property purchase or disposal will need to be co-ordinated as part of a larger transaction such as the sale of a business.

Gowen & Stevens can advise you on the best way to approach such an acquisition or disposal, suggesting specialist terms to be inserted in the contract and whether or not conditions should be imposed within the transfer documents to cover matters such as planning or the imposition of restrictions and covenants specific to the particular use to which the premises may be placed.

It is always best to instruct us as early as possible – even often before a buyer or seller is found in order that we may be able to advise on the structure of the transaction. We will guide you through the decision making process and explain the procedure. We can provide realistic advice on time scales and of course costs.

Should the need arise, Gowen & Stevens will always be able to introduce you to specialist valuers or surveyors, bankers and other sources of specialist finance if you need them.

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