Property Development

No one in the United Kingdom can be unaware of the fact that, in many parts of the country, property values are rising steadily and there is a considerable demand to increase housing. Such circumstances have been responsible for persuading many individuals, in addition to established building contractors and larger commercial organisations, as to the benefits of property development.

This can be a complex area dependent upon the scale and nature of the development and the financial rewards, if successfully executed, can be considerable.

Gowen & Stevens has experience of acting for property developers and “budding” developers that ranges from turning back-gardens into building plots to converting offices into residential accommodation.

Gowen & Stevens has experience of drafting Option Agreements, in preparing assignments of Option Agreements and, additionally, can advise on the planning process, particularly with regard to the matter of Overage – ensuring that any improvement in Planning Consent which results in an enhanced value to a developer may be shared with the original seller. We can undertake site examinations and help put together development sites comprising several properties in different ownerships.

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